Absent Whittingdale provides “toothless” BBC White Paper

“The BBC is a public broadcaster independent of government, not a state broadcaster like they have in those bastions of democracy, Russia or North Korea. All of this is under threat right now, make no mistake… the secretary of state is telling the BBC when to schedule main news bulletins, what programmes it should make … Continue reading Absent Whittingdale provides “toothless” BBC White Paper


Podcast Review: Distraction Pieces

NAMED after the 2nd album from former UK hip-hop collaborators Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces is the latter’s podcast. Having started it back in October 2014, each week you can listen to him interviewing a guest on a particular topic and getting to the nittiest of the gritty. As Scroob says himself, “No … Continue reading Podcast Review: Distraction Pieces